Monday, August 28, 2017

David Ignatius, Trump Administration is Getting Taken By Saudi's and Others

No Israel, These People are not Your Friends

The usually reliable David Ignatius of the WaPo writes about what might be a breakthrough in the Middle East.

"Jared Kushner, the White House senior adviser and presidential son-in-law, visited the leaders of all four countries during his Middle East trip this week. He was accompanied by special envoy Jason D. Greenblatt and deputy national security adviser Dina Powell. The group came away hopeful that the new generation of Arab leaders is a potential “game-changer,” said a senior administration official.”
So what's the problem? The problem is these so-called Arab moderates are using the naive Kushner and pals to play Trump for a fool. They hate and despise Jews and Israelis. They continually support and foment hatred. They see a group of fools now in charge of U. S. policy though and so they pretend to be the moderate side. They want to keep the U. S. supporting them and opposing Iran while they continue to fight Israel.

No good can come of this.

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