Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Another Day, Another Failure of Trump and Pence

This Time in Latin America

Presidents always say that improving trade and relations with the rest of the nations of the America’s is a high priority.  Most don’t follow up.  Trump does not even try, sending a clueless Mike Pence to the region.  As reported by the Economist,

The single most striking impression of this tour is its smallness. Mr Pence, a man so disciplined and loyal to his boss that his favourite phrase is “As President Trump has said”, has asked each government in turn for modest, and in some cases puzzling, things. . .  .

Mr Pence has focused on policies that matter immediately to Mr Trump back home: sanctions on North Korea, more pressure on the autocratic left-wing regime in Venezuela, or better local access for specific American products and services (as agreed through the bilateral trade deals Mr Trump prefers, believing that one-on-one negotiations give him the winning hand). To a remarkable extent, his hosts have not feared ignoring Mr Pence in places where those American requests make no sense or do not match local priorities.

Of course, at some time in the future the administration is likely to need some of these governments for some strategic reason important to the United States.  The countries will remember that Trump did not even try and Pence, well the U. S. cared enough to send its very ignorant.

Pence with a South American leader, he just doesn't know which one.

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