Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump To Propose Statue to Saddam Hussein – And Other Fake News

Editor’s Note:  Trumpie pines for fake news, but since the major networks (except Fox) all report real news this Forum is setting out some fake news to make him happy.

  1. Donald Trump today said he will build a statue to the late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Trump commented that it is a long tradition in the United States to build statues to those who fought against the U. S. and killed U. S. soldiers and he felt it was wrong to deny the honor to Saddam just because he was a murderous dictator.  “There are many fine people, many fine who want to honor Saddam, and there were people on both sides, both sides who fought” and he added ‘if I didn’t have a sore thumb I would have fought in that war too, not sure which side, but I would have fought”.

  1. When questioned about the fact that she has converted to Judaism despite her father’s infatuation with anti-Semitic groups Ivanka Trump explained that she didn’t really mean it.  “After all” she said, “if I was really serious about that Jew stuff would I have stayed on vacation while Daddy identified with the Klan?”

  1. House Speaker Paul Ryan explained that while he thought he was against the American Nazi groups that if they supported tax reform that would reduces taxes for billionaires he would have to rethink that position.

  1. Jewish members of the Trump administration said that of course they wouldn’t quit working for Trumpet because if they did so he might send out a tweet placing them in a bad light. 

  1. Mitt Romney said he was ready to condemn Trump on his association with racists bigots and Nazis but stopped when he was informed he could still be Secretary of State is the current incumbent quits and no one else is willing to take the job.  Oops, Romney has been now been told Trump would appoint Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State before he considered Romney, so Mitt has now decided it is okay to condemn Trump.  But he could change his mind if the job becomes open.

  1. President Trump has suggested that the response to terrorism is to round up suspected Islamic terrorists and murder them with bullets dipped in pig blood. Oh, wait, that’s not fake news, that’s real. 

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