Thursday, August 3, 2017

No – Sen. Flake and Gen. Kelly Are Not Heroes

They Don’t Get Sainthood From Being a Hard Line Conservative or Firing an Asshole Like Scaramucci

To read the mainstream media Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake did a very courageous thing.  In a book Flake plagiarized a title from Sen. Goldwater and attacked current Republican attitudes and governing style.  But Flake has voted consistently for the radical conservative agenda, and when it came time to stand up for a flawed health care bill he crawled under the desk and voted for it.  The legislation that he has supported would make lives more miserable for millions of people who need help and support.

As for Gen. Kelly, his tenure as Homeland Security was characterized by vicious attacks on immigrants and their families.  He would put families in jail for just trying to get together.  He showed no sympathy or support for immigrant children.  The nation is not better because he is at the White House no matter how many Mooches he fires.

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