Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Exclusive: How Trumpie Made His Difficult and Agonizing Decision to Come Out Against Racism, Nazism, White Supremacy and the KKK

Fake (But Believable) News at Its Finest

Editor’s Note:  After waiting several days Donald Trump decided that he should be against hate groups.  This is not how he made his decision, but could have been.

Washington (XPI)  August 14.  This news service has learned the process by which Trump decided to go public and denounce hate.  The President spent several days wondering if it was appropriate to condemn hate groups according to a close aide, and after weighing the pros and cons for and against hatred in America he finally determined that while it was a close call, hate and prejudice and bigotry in the nation should not exist.

“Look, I shouldn’t have this problem” Trump told Ivanka late Saturday.  “Obama even though he is a Kenyan born Muslim should have taken care of this.  Everything gets left to me as though I should have to do something about the surge or racists groups in the country.  Why me”  Ivanka apparently tried to soothe her daddy by telling him her fall line would be sold to people of all color.

The key problem Trump was having was that he agreed with his base that was virulently pro white rights, felt that they were being discriminated against and did not believe that Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, Gays  and people whose forebearers came from another country should not be allowed to say in America.  But that people around him felt he had to hide that fact.  “These are good people, I know them, I agree with them and how can I go against them just because a bunch of liberal pinko weak kneed politicians like Ted Cruz and Orrin Hatch want me to” Trump was reported as telling his friends between golf rounds.  Trump was also annoyed that his golf game had been interrupted by the events in Charlottesville.

In the end Trump decided to publicly announce Monday that maybe, just maybe racist and anti-Semitism  wrong, claim credit for being the President who did more for, as he put it, ‘black folks’ than any other person to hold the office.  There are reports he sent aides Bannon and Stephen Miller to visit white militias and tell them he didn’t mean any of his remarks, but those reports are unconfirmed.  Several leaders of the white supremacists groups when asked about that said it wasn’t necessary for Trump to tell them that, they knew it already.

But Trump could not stomach the fact that people didn't think he supported the bigors, so on Tuesay he corrected the record.

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