Saturday, August 19, 2017

Outside the Beltway Nobody Gives a Damn About Steve Bannon and Breitbart

Stevie is In For a Big Shock

The media is making a big deal about Steve Bannon being fired from his White House job, although nobody knew what his White House job was.  Bannon is going back to the anti-everything that's not white America Breitbart News, and will enjoy the backing of a right wing nutjob couple, the Mercers.

But what these people and the Republican party don’t realize is that the loyalty of the Trump supporters is to Trump.  The Republicans thought they would just get a useful idiot in the White House who would blindly sign whatever legislation they would produce.  Well they got the idiot part, except the useful idiot came with his own loyal entourage. 

The cowardice of the House and Senate Republicans over Trump’s blatant racism is that they now realize the tail is wagging the dog.  The put in place a force they cannot control and their only choice is to bow down in subservience or be voted off the party boat.  They are choosing to stay on the boat.

Bannon is going to discover that while he is loud he will not be heard.  He will have the same choice as the Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan.  Go along or be tossed aside, or in the case of Bannon, ignored.  But then ignorance covers Bannon like a fine jacket.  Oh for a while he will get some public and media attention.  But he has just about had his 15 minutes, and the curtain is coming down on Bannonism.

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