Monday, August 7, 2017

Excited About that Big Foxconn investment in Wisconsin to Create All Those Jobs

Well Take a Look at the Fine Print and See How Much Republicans Are Giving Away

Trying to fulfill his pledge to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, Trumpie hailed the decision of electronics manufacturer Foxconn to build a giant plant in Wisconsin.  It could ultimately result in $10 billion in investment and thousands of jobs.  But like everything that Trump and the conservatives touch, there’s the details.  In this case it’s the huge money taxpayers are coming up with to subsidize the deal.

As long as Foxconn keeps hiring  U.S. workers at the new flat-screen manufacturing facility, Wisconsin would cut the company $200 million to $250 million a year for up to 15 years.
That works out to a rough cost to the state of about $230,700 per worker, assuming the factory goes on to generate 13,000 jobs.
So for the first four or five years Wisconsin, not Foxconn is paying the workers salaries.

And Foxconn doesn’t exactly have a good reputation here, a lot of talk, not much action.

The company caught a reputation in the past for abandoning plans. Four years ago, Foxconn unveiled a plan to build a new $30 million plant in Pennsylvania, and the state’s governor praised the move.
But after the political attention faded, Foxconn never built that factory.

A bunch of people who go back on their word, no wonder Trump likes the company.

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