Monday, July 1, 2013

You Have to Laugh at Sarah Palin – Really You Have To – This Time on Immigration

 We Think the Laughter is Why She Speaks and Tweets

In its never ending quest for relevancy the Washington Post is one of the places on can find news about Sarah Palin.  A lot of it is laugh out loud, like this.

What’s so funny?  Well Sarah there are facts, you know those things that get in the way of your arguments and positions all the time.

In contrast to Palin’s claim, polling suggests that Hispanics are significantly more in favor of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants than the rest of America. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from earlier this year showed 82 percent of Hispanics favor a path to citizenship — 55 percent strongly — while just 15 percent oppose one.

And as for Hispanics desire to live according to the law, well that is true.  Hispanics are great people, they are warm and friendly and family oriented.  They would be natural Republicans in many cases if Republicans just didn’t hate them, and make a show of hating them.

But see Sarah, if the law is changed then Hispanics who attain citizenship will not be breaking the law, they will be law abiding and hopefully new citizens.  Yes we know, this is a difficult concept for you to grasp, but try and work with us here.

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