Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Want to Meet the Conservative Republican Face of Hatred – Meet Kansas Secretary of State and Proponent of Self Deportation Kris Kobach

Wants to Make Conditions So Awful for Illegals that They Pick UP and Leave

In Fremont, Nebraska the good folks passed a law that say that in order to rent an apartment or a house one has to get a license.  Really they did. 

To implement this restriction, the Ordinance provides that prospective renters over the age of 18 must obtain an occupancy license from the City, and must obtain a new license if they move to different rental properties. Temporary guests need not obtain a license. To obtain a license, an applicant must pay a five-dollar fee and disclose basic identifying information, including citizenship and, if an alien immigration status. The City “shall immediately issue an occupancy license” upon receipt of a complete application. At this point, the renter may lease and occupy a rented dwelling unit. The lessor must obtain a copy of the renter’s occupancy license.

An alien renter who is subsequently determined to be not lawfully present in the United States “shall be deemed to have breached” the lease.

A big supporter of and defender of this type of law is the current Kansas Secretary of State.  Here’s what he wants to do.

Steve Hebert for The New York Times
Kris W. Kobach says he limits his efforts for tighter immigration laws to time outside the 40-hour-a-week schedule he keeps as Kansas’ secretary of state.

He coined and continues to promote the “self-deportation” philosophy — make life so onerous for illegal immigrants that they leave on their own — even as many analysts say Mitt Romney’s support and use of the term cost him Hispanic votes in last year’s presidential election.

Think about what Mr. Kobach wants to do.  He wants to deny the ability of any person who cannot prove legal residence a place to live.  He wants to deny a young man or young woman, brought to this country as a child and who knows no other residence the right to live in a rented house or apartment.  He wants them living on the streets, homeless.  He wants to create homeless people, not solve the problem of homelessness.

Here is what was said about the Secretary of State.

“A lot of folks that hate him, if they were forced to have a conversation with him about something nonpolitical for an hour, they’d find that they actually like the guy,” said Scott Schwab, a Republican state representative.

Somehow we doubt that.

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