Thursday, July 18, 2013

August is Supposed to be the ‘Silly Season’ But Due to Global Warming the Silly Season is Starting Earlier

How Else to Explain the Weird Events of the Summer

Observers of humans have given the name the ‘silly season’ to late summer, because it is during that time that many people say and do the silliest things.  The reasons are not known by science.  It may be the heat, it may be the late summer boredom or it may be that people really are this dumb and in late summer all that stupidity just boils over. 

In any event the silly season appears to have started early, as evidenced by these inexplicable things.

  1. Some conservatives are frantically rushing to support Robert Zimmerman.  Mr. Zimmerman is not a criminal, but he is a killer. He got out of his vehicle despite being told not to by authorities, took a gun and ultimately shot Travon Martin.  This has been judged not to be a criminal act, but he is still a killer.  Why any politicians would rush to support a killer is just not explainable except by summer heat and humidity.

  1. Eliot Spitzer’s decision to run for New York City Comptroller seems to be grounded in the belief by Mr. Spitzer that he has not embarrassed himself and his family enough, and wants the public to focus once more on his terrible behavior.

  1. Liz Cheney, Dick’s daughter has decided to start a political career at the top, and is running for the Senate in Wyoming.  Her qualifications, she is the daughter of a former Vice President.  She probably thinks her family is royalty and she is entitled to inherit a Senate seat and is probably irritated she even has to campaign for it.

  1. In Florida ultra conservatives are going to try to recall Sen. Marco Rubio, an ultraconservative himself.  Florida does not allow for the recall of a Senator.

  1. In San Diego the newly elected Democratic mayor has been shown to have engaged in sexual harassment against women.  The mayor is 70.  Give it a break here Bob.  He has said that he needs professional help.  No he only needs help to step down from office.

  1. The cost of individual health insurance policies in New York may fall by as much as 50%.  Conservatives are expected to say that this shows the health reform act is faililng and to attack this as a war against health insurance profits by the President.

  1. Stevie Wonder has apparently announced he will not perform in the state of Florida because of the Zimmerman case.  Does he not realize that it was the state of Florida that pursued Mr. Zimmerman and brought the case to trial?  Florida is not the problem here, the problem was Mr. Zimmerman going after Mr. Martin with a gun.

  1. Massachusetts Democratic Governor Deval Patrick has said he is not running for President in 2016.  As near as anyone can tell, no one has asked him to run.

  1. Finally, can the NFL season please get here.       

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