Sunday, July 21, 2013

What’s Dumber Than Consorting with Prostitutes While One Was a Top Politician of the State of New York?

Going on Stephen Colbert’s Show to Highlight Your New Campaign

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer who resigned that post for reasons no one needs to go into went on the Stephen Colbert show to further his rehabilitation and support his run for Comptroller of New York City.  Looking back, this may have been a mistake.

Eliot Spitzer on The Colbert Report last night. (Photo:
Ouch; double ouch!

Host Stephen Colbert mercilessly ribbed the former “Luv Guv,” beginning his attack even before Mr. Spitzer had walked into the studio. The brief interview included some of the most pointed questions Mr. Spitzer has had to face since he jumped into the race.

“Given a position of this responsibility, should the job of comptroller go to someone who has show a modicum of ‘self-comp-trol,’” Mr. Colbert asked early on, drawing loud audience applause. “Why, why, why should the people trust you?” he questioned Mr. Spitzer, who resigned from office five years ago after an infamous prostitution scandal.

People like Mr. Spitzer need to realize that people like Mr. Colbert, and his companion Jon Stewart are serious and intelligent people underneath the clown makeup.  Confront them in their own milieu and expect a severe rhetorical beating.

But Mr. Colbert pressed on, asking, “Why do you want this job? Because before you had your fall from Grace–or whatever her name was–you were the governor of the state. You were the governor! Aren’t you at one and the same time both above and below this job?”


Maybe Mr. Spitzer will win and maybe he will redeem himself.  For his sake, let’s hope the suffering humiliation he has inflicted on himself and his family produces some good for some one.

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