Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eliot Spitzer Returns to Politics – Will Try to Become New York City Comptroller

Are Democrats Really This Desperate for Candidates?  - Well Yes

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is former Governor Eliot Spitzer because of personal failings in the integrity area, details of which are not necessary.  After resigning as Governor and after putting his wife and family through a horrific experience, Mr. Spitzer returned to the family business of making money in real estate.  Now he wants back in public life for some reason, and will try to qualify to run for New York City Comptroller.

There is a fair amount of undesirable history with Mr. Spitzer, not with his goals and policies but with his tactics and methods.

Spitzer was, as New York State Attorney General, a terrifying and fascinating figure. He had learned from his legendary former boss Robert Morgenthau that under-resourced public prosecutors can’t beat deep-pocketed law firms on a level playing field, and that where banks and wealthy defendants may have time and money on their side, prosecutors can use the press to erase at least the first advantage. He leaked shamelessly, and even as he denied leaking, playing extremely high-stakes games with the stock prices of major corporations. He understood the power of fear and the innate conservatism of corporate executives, and persuaded much of New York City’s financial elite that he was actually out of his mind — an incredibly valuable perception in high-stakes negotiations.

Mr. Spitzer could conceivable share the fall ticket with former Rep. Anthony Wiener, another person whose dubious activities lead to political demise, possibly temporary but hopefully permanent.  New York has a lot of people, really folks, you can do better.

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