Monday, July 22, 2013

Keith Olbermann to Return to ESPN With Late Night Sports Show

Yes We Wish He Had Returned to Commenting on Politics

The smart, brilliant, funny and apparently almost totally nuts political commentator Keith Olbermann got his big broadcast break on ESPN.  When he left it was said of him that not only did he burn his bridges behind him, he napalmed them.  Now apparently he is going back, trying to be the Leno/Letterman of late night sports.

His last two politically oriented jobs ended poorly. Olbermann quit abruptly in January 2011 after eight years as a prime-time host at MSNBC, and his later tenure at Current TV lasted a year before he was taken off the air and responded with a lawsuit, settled out of court.

His new ESPN show will often air opposite his old one, ''SportsCenter'' on the main ESPN network. The company has found over the years that broadcasting competing programming on its various channels expands its overall audience. And starting next month ESPN will have competition in the 11 p.m. slot from new cable channel Fox Sports 1's nightly highlights and analysis show.

As for ESPN, there is this comment.

ESPN President John Skipper called Olbermann a ''one-of-a-kind personality'' in a news release announcing the show.

Yes, some things cannot be argued against.  And for those who want more betting sports there is now a new thing, wagering on how long Mr. Olbermann will last.  The early over/under is 6 months.

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