Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wall Street Journal Editorial on the Economy Goes to Flat Out Lying

And to Show Just How Stupid These People Are – Their Own Chart Is the Lie

A difference of opinion where both sides present intelligent arguments is always welcome.  And that is why an editorial from the Wall Street Journal is seldom welcome.  For example, here is the chart they show along with its title as part of their never ending criticism about the Obama economic policy.


Notice the title of the chart, that family incomes fall despite the recovery.  Then notice the chart.  Notice that there was a fall in family income, but that it happened because of the Bush created Great Recession.  Finally notice that contrary to the title, family income has increased during the recovery and become steady for recent times and is not falling.

So why print this chart.  Apparently the editors of the WSJ are too stupid to know what their own charts are saying, and think the readers are too stupid to notice that the chart does not support its titled conclusion.  A lot of stupidity out there firmly esconced in the editorial offices of the WSJ.

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