Saturday, July 6, 2013

Terrible News to Republicans – Job Growth in June Was Strong, and Earlier Months Were Stronger Than First Reported

Republicans Move to Condemn Statistics as Being Biased Towards the Facts, Not Ideology

The July employment report was good news for everyone except those who want the U. S. economy to crater for political reasons.

Employers added 195,000 jobs in June, a sign of steady improvement in the job market. Highlights from the Labor Department’s latest snapshot:

Big Revisions: Payrolls grew a lot more in prior months than previously estimated. April and May job growth was revised up by a combined 70,000. The numbers for the past three months look pretty good at an average of about 196,000 a month. Over the past year, job gains have averaged 182,000 a month.

And notice this growth in jobs is coming despite of, not because of government.

Sequester Signs: The government shed 5,000 jobs. Federal government employment is down by 65,000 over the past year.

Republican leaders reacted to this news by claiming that “just because a large number of jobs are being created doesn’t mean that more people are working and in fact we think a lot less people are working but that the fact that more people are working is hiding this fact.”  The spokesperson did admit that she maybe had a little too much celebration on the 4th of July and would be revising her statement as soon as she understood it.

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