Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mitt Romney – Running Uninterrupted for the Presidency Since 2005 – Wants to Convince the Public He Was a Reluctant 2012 Candidate

And That He Cares About the 47% of Greedy Takers Who Contribute Nothing and Want Other People (Mr. Romney) to Pay Their Way

One of the games that people wanting to be President have to play is that of reluctant candidate.  The office is supposed to seek the person, not the person seek the office.  Everyone knows this is a farce, that men and women who seek the Presidency have to have a powerful urge to do so, in large part because the process is so difficult, consuming and in many cases demeaning.

Mitt Romney decided to run for President in 2004 after George W. Bush was re-elected.  He was governor of Massachusetts at the time, a moderate governor who brought major health care reform and moderate policies to the state.  In 2004 and for the last two terms of his governorship he turned sharply right, and declined to run for re-election knowing that he would be defeated and his Presidential ambitions shattered.

It was clear to everyone that the day after the 2008 election Mr. Romney would be running in 2012.  But Mr. Romney, unable to admit his near fanatical desire for the Republican nomination refuses to admit that reality, and apparently in a new book he convinces the Washington Post’s Dan Balz of that falsehood.

Mr. Romney - He Couldn't Fool Enough People - Maybe the only person he really fooled was Mitt Romney

Romney’s eldest son received a message from his father early that day, he told Balz. “ ‘I’m going to tell them I’m out,’ ” Tagg Romney recalled his father saying. “He said there’s no path to win the nomination.”

Romney confirmed after the election that he called his son one morning to tell him he thought he wasn’t going to run. “I recognized that by virtue of the realities of my circumstances, there were some drawbacks to my candidacy for a lot of Republican voters,” he told Balz. “One, because I had a health-care plan in Massachusetts that had been copied in some respects by the president, that I would be tainted by that feature. I also realized that being a person of wealth, I would be pilloried by the president as someone who, if you use the term of the day, was in the ‘1 percent.’ ”

Romney’s exchange with his son wasn’t the first time he expressed doubts about running. During a Christmas holiday trip to Hawaii in 2010, the Romney family held a vote. Should Romney, who lost the 2008 presidential primary, run again? Ten of 12 family members voted no — including the candidate. Only Tagg and Ann Romney, Romney’s wife, voted yes.

Mitt Romney lost in part because he was unauthentic, he had nothing to offer the country except his desire to be President.  And he continues to be unauthentic, trying to say he was a reluctant candidate when in actuality few people have lusted after the job as avidly as Mitt.  Maybe the real Mitt Romney might have been a good President, but the real Mitt was subsumed under the phony Mitt, so no one will ever know.

And of course Mr. Romney continues to defend his comments on the 47% of Americans he thinks just take and do not contribute.

Romney also reflected on his “47 percent” comment, which he said he didn’t think would become a major focus. He said the perception that his remarks suggested that he didn’t care about many Americans was incorrect.

Of course he didn’t’ think it would be a major focus, he didn’t expect the comment to be public and he never would have said such a thing in public.  Hiding his true feelings is what the Romney campaign was all about.

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