Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Worm Turns – Republican to Suffer Electoral Consequences on Same Sex Marriage Issue

Ah, Basking in the Warm of the Glow of Political Irony

In 2004 the Republican strategy to re-elect President George W. Bush was to push for putting prohibition against same sex marriage on the ballot on many states.  The idea was that the majority was against this, and that this would cause them to come out and vote and at the same time vote for President Bush.  The strategy worked to some extent, and Mr. Bush was re-elected and the conservatives were energized on an issue that divided the populace and stigmatized a group.

Ah, fast forward to today and the to reach into the bag of trite clichés, the shoe is on the other foot.  In Pennsylvania the law against same sex marriage is being challenged, and the state’s Democratic Attorney General has declined to defend the law.

State Attorney General Kathleen Kane, a Democrat, said Thursday that she wouldn’t defend the ban in court — raising the issue on a state level for the first time since the Supreme Court ruled against the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

So now boys and girls the issue falls to the state’s conservative Republican Governor.

Corbett faces a rock-and-hard place decision. If he opts to defend the law — he’s expressed support for it in the past — Corbett will draw ire from a Democratic base that already despises him. If he chooses not to defend it, he risks alienating the members of his own party he needs for reelection next year.

So thanks to people like Karl Rove, the so-called political genius, another roadblock has been placed in the highway to re-election for the Pennsylvania Republican Governor.  Everyone needs to sit back and savor this one.

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