Friday, July 12, 2013

Donald Trump Fails Spectacularly to Deliver on Promises to Scotland from Development

Well, What Exactly Did You Scots Expect?

That Donald Trump is somewhat of a fraud as a developer (and in other ways too) is not a secret.  But apparently it was to Scotland which gave Mr. Trump the go ahead for a big golf course development despite the dubious claims of economic advantages and the fact that the development would destroy environmentally sensitive lands.

The American entrepreneur Donald Trump has failed to deliver on pledges to create thousands of jobs through a supposed billion-pound investment that were key to planning approval for his hugely controversial Scottish golf resort, an investigation has found.

By his own admission, Mr Trump has created no more than 200 of his promised 6,000 jobs and is thought to have spent just £25m on the scheme while bulldozing environmentally sensitive areas of the Scottish coast, according to a new analysis of the scheme’s finances.

Gee, who possibly could have expected this?  Well everyone really.   And just to add insult to injury Mr. Trump has tried, but apparently so far failed to derail a clean energy project in Scotland.

But Mr Trump says the reason the development has stalled is the prospect of 11 offshore wind turbines being built within sight of his golf courses. He claims Mr Salmond had assured him such a scheme would not go ahead – he has since labelled Mr Salmond “Mad Alex” and launched legal action to prevent the wind farm being built.

Oh the horror!!  Wealthy golfers having to gaze upon clean energy wind farms while they spend thousands each day to play golf in a resort in a country that has gained little in economic development for several decades.  As for Mr. Trump himself,

Mr Trump’s failure so far to deliver his vision does not appear to have harmed his own interests. It is believed the planning permissions for the land have helped boost the value of his Scottish estate, bought for £7m, by at least £100m.

Ok, everybody learned their lesson here.

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