Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unemployment Increases in 28 States

Back to the Sideshow of the Debt Ceiling/Deficit Reduction Right After This Trip to the Real World

File:BLS logo.jpgThe labor department reported thatTwenty-eight states and the District of Columbia registered unemployment rate increases, 8 states recorded rate decreases, and 14 states had no rate change,

When asked about this issue there was rare unanimity from the Republicans, the Democrats and Mr. Obama, who all said to the effect that they could not be bothered with this right now as they had a debt ceiling to raise.

Afterwards they said comes the August Congressional recess and Mr. Obama's vacation on Martha's Vineyard to deal with, and then when they come back from that they had the start (hopefully) of the NFL season and then they had a whole bunch of spending cuts to unemployment compensation to work out, but that right after those things they would get right on the jobs issue, unless the Thanksgiving recess got in the way.

Red - New York; Blue - Texas

Of course, one state that is doing very well is Texas, under the leadership of Conservative Republican Rick Perry.  Here is their performance on the unemployment rate compared to that high tax state New York.   One can  see how unemployment did not rise during the Great Recession, ok, well it did and how if it did it rise, it has come down under Mr. Perry's leadership.  Well, maybe not.

 The Dismal Political Economist thinks the appropriate saying in Texas about Mr. Perry is "all talk and no cattle".   Does that sound right?

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