Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Camp – The Difference Between Liberals and the Tea Party

What Summer Camp Can Be

Several weeks ago The Dismal Political Economist noted that the Tea Party had started a summer camp in Tampa that gave a doctrinal political education to young people.  At the heart of the camp was this.

The 912 Project, teaches 8-to-12-year-olds “the principles of liberty, free markets, and limited government.” Jeff Lukens, 53, whose day job is at an auto auction firm, will run this year’s session. The first lesson will teach campers the difference between European tyranny and freedom in America:

Now it turns out a somewhat different camp has been set up at Bard College outside of New York City.

But Mattie Williams, 13, who attends Middle School 343 in the Bronx, was happy to attend, giving up summer barbecues with her parents and afternoons in the park with her Chihuahua, Pepsi. She and 16 other adolescents are spending three weeks at Bard College here in a free camp for low-income students who are gifted in mathematics.

Jennifer May for The New York Times
Students participating in the summer
 mathematics program at Bard Colleg
e take a break from their desks

And here is how the camp is funded.

The camp is financed by the Art of Problem-Solving Foundation, the nonprofit arm of an online school that promotes math education for gifted students. Classes meet for two hours each and cover topics including voting theory, graph theory, and math and the arts.

Of course, math is well known to have a liberal bias, so it is no wonder the Tea Party group sticks to teaching Conservative dogma.  Yes, that instruction is also biased, but it has the right kind of bias.

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