Sunday, July 31, 2011

Senate Republicans Prevent Vote on Bill to Raise Debt Ceiling

When You Don’t Have the Votes, Don’t Allow a Vote

Earlier today the Senate voted on ending debate on Senator Reid’s bill to raise the debt ceiling.  The vote was 51 to 48 (recorded 50 to 49 with Sen. Reid voting no for procedural reasons) in favor of ending the debate and then moving forward to a vote on the bill itself.  The vote on cloture gives every indication that Sen. Reid’s bill would have passed by that 51 to 48 margin.

Seeing Red

The filibuster is an ancient Senate tradition and has it purpose in rare instances.  Democrats have used it

extensively, just not nearly as extensive as Republicans.  To filibuster a vote as crucial as this one seems no much against national interest that even Republicans should be embarrassed.  And one would surely expect the national press to weigh in heavily against this Republican tactic.

Republicans are not embarrassed, they are proud that they used this tactic in this instance. That the American public and the media accepts this says that the U. S. has the government it deserves, and that it should not complain about the dysfunctional process, because it approves of the dysfunction and votes for those whose abuse the process.

Finally, for those Democrats who abhor the constant use of the filibuster so that 60 votes are required to pass any legislation in the Senate, don’t worry.  In 2013 when Republicans take control of that body you will find that they severely restrict it use.   Not playing by the "Most of the Time Majority Wins" rules of Democracy is something only Conservatives are allowed to do.

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