Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Republican Deficit/Debt Ceiling Plan Needs 50% to Pass, Democratic Plan Needs 60% to Pass

Does Anyone Else See A Problem With This?

Majority rules is what rules the House of Representatives.  So in order to pass Mr. Boehner’s deficit reduction/debt ceiling plan Mr. Boehner needs 50% of the vote.

Majority rules is not what  rules the Senate.  So in order to pass the Senate Mr. Reid’s plan needs 60% of the votes.

Republicans get to cry victory when they win a majority vote and they get to cry victory when they lose a majority vote.

So it is entirely possible that Mr. Boehner’s plan will get a lower percentage of approval in the House then Mr. Reid’s plan does in the Senate yet Mr. Boehner’s plan will be deemed by one and all including the wonderful thing we call the national press to have passed, and Mr. Reid’s plan will be deemed to have failed.
Is everybody ok with this, just asking.

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