Saturday, July 23, 2011

George Will Says to Pick Deficit/Debt Ceiling Deal that is Most Likely to Defeat Obama

Why Does Mr. Will Still Have a Forum?

  George Will is a noted and long term columnist for the Washington Post and regular on the Sunday morning new show circuit.  For some reason he is regarded as a person with “weight” even though as The Dismal Political Economist has pointed out before, his columns are lacking in integrity, accuracy and objectivity.  His main campaign has been to have unlimited campaign contributions so that Republican speech will drown out Democratic speech, and he argues for this under the tortured logic that this is Freedom of Speech.

Now Mr. Will weighs in on the debt ceiling/deficit negotiations and apparently his sole criteria for picking a solution is to not pick the one that is best for the country, but the one that is most likely to result in Mr. Obama losing re-election.  His rationale for rejecting the “Big Deal” that Mr. Obama is pushing

One of those is to strike a splashy bargain involving big — but hypothetical and nonbinding — numbers. This would enable President Obama to run away from his record and run as a debt-reducing centrist

 And then Mr. Will signs on to the plan Sen. McConnell developed, not on its merits but because that plan is most likely to result in Mr. Obama’s defeat.

George WillThe policy rationale for rejecting what would be a huge win for Conservatives is non-existent. In Mr. Will’s Conservative world one chooses not the program one thinks is best for the country, or even the one that adopts long held Conservative goals, but one that Mr. Will thinks is best politically.

Now Mr. Will is entitled to write whatever he wants, but the WP is not required to give him a forum where he is basically a Republican parrot trying to influence policy solely on the fact that it has a  political advantage.  But don’t expect the WP to change any time soon, after they love their Conservative columnists, and besides, Mr. Will has great hair. 

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