Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So-Called “Independent” Republican Group Crossroads GPS Running 2012 Campaign Ads

The Era of Unlimited Campaign Funds for the GOP Starts Now

The United States political process has taken two turns for the worse.  One, the political campaigns are now going to be a continuous process, pausing briefly only for holidays or to recover from campaign fatigues.  Two, the money available for the GOP candidates has become unlimited, constrained only by the number of activities that can be organized.

Campaign advertising has started by a group called Crossroads GPS.  This is a group headed up by former Bush campaign adviser Karl Rove.  Under the law it cannot campaign directly for candidates, but it can run negative advertising against any candidate.  Not surprisingly, all of its ads target Democrats.

Crossroads GPS continued its summer media blitz Monday with advertisement buys targeted at 10 House Members. . . .

The campaign comes just more than a week after Crossroads GPS went up with advertisements hitting five Democratic Senators. Both media buys are part of the group’s $20 million ad campaign this summer

The content of the ads criticizes each target Democrat for voting to increase the debt ceiling. 

So another way of looking at these ads is that a Conservative Republican campaign groups is spending millions to try to insure that the United States defaults on it debt obligations.

Pretty sad, Mr. Rove, pretty sad.

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