Thursday, July 21, 2011

Republicans Reject Mother Teresa as Head of Consumer Agency, Tea Party Demands an End to the Federal Government

And Other News That Did Not Happen, But Could Have

After Republicans said that they would filibuster President Obama’s choice of Richard Cordray to head the new agency set up to protect consumers from abuses by financial institutions, the President said he would be nominating Mother Teresa instead.  Republicans immediately said that choice was unacceptable as she was obviously biased in favor of  helping the very poor and the very weakest members of society. “That’s not the attitude we want in a consumer protection agency” Republican senators said.

The National Tea Party Group said that the only way they would accept an increase in the debt ceiling would be for the dissolution of the Federal Government.  The group appears to have given up on trying to control federal spending and now believes the only solution is to eliminate the national government altogether.

Fox News has blasted the British investigation of wrongdoing at it sister newspapers in England and at its parent News Corp.  Fox news said that the newspapers were completely innocent of any charges, and that the entire episode was the result of an ultra liberal government upset because the newspapers did not back them in the recent election.

When told that the government of Britain was controlled by the Conservative party and Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron had been backed by the News Corp papers, Fox News said that showed just how strong the liberal movement was in Britain in that it had even infiltrated the Conservative party.  Fox News also said the episode showed just ungrateful the British Conservative party had become and that if they were true Conservatives they would overlook even the incontrovertible proof of wrongdoing they expected to come out.

President Obama was asked about the difference between his plan to take hundreds of billions away from Medicare and the Paul Ryan Republican plan for Medicare.  Mr. Obama said that Mr. Ryan’s plan would end Medicare and gut the financial support for senior health care and place higher burdens for paying for health care on retired individuals on fixed incomes. 

The President said his plan was not the same.  It would keep Medicare and gut the financial support for senior health care and place higher burdens for paying for health care on retired individuals on fixed incomes.  “That is a big difference” he said.

Karl Rove, who heads a group of multi-millionaires and billionaires raising money to fund a group called Crossroads GPS to support Republican candidates addressed the issue that his group was just a shill for the Republican party.  Mr. Rove said his group has supported the candidacy of Democratic hopeful Egbert Souse in the race for Assistant Clerk of Court in Depew, New York with a contribution of $25.00.

He also indicated that his group might spend up to $100.00 in support of Democratic candidates in 2012 as long as those Democratic candidates has no Republican opposition.  Spending $200 million for Republicans and  $100 for Democrats just shows how bi-partisan we are, said Mr. Rove in justifying the groups tax exempt status.

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