Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten Questions Conservatives Cannot Answer

And They Want You to Please Stop Asking Them

Because Conservatives generally avoid any exposure to other than the most friendly media (see Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich etc), they are often not called upon to answer some basic questions about their philosophy of government.  To help correct that The Dismal Political Economist would like to post ten questions he thinks they should address.  Not to worry Conservatives, the test is open book and you can set the time limit (we expect “never” to be it).

  1. Why Do Conservatives Hate Democracy?  In California the newly elected Governor, Jerry Brown, who is a previously elected Governor wants to hold a referendum on whether or not to close a budget deficit with higher taxes.  Conservative Republicans have blocked this in the state legislature.  We understand their aversion to higher taxes, but if their position is so strong, why not let people vote.  Isn’t that how we do it in a democracy?

  1. Why Don’t Conservatives Want to Pay their Bills.  The vote on the debt ceiling is to allow the government to borrow money to pay expenses all of which are authorized by the Congress.  Many Conservatives have said they will vote against raising the ceiling, no matter what.  Isn’t buying stuff and not paying for it the life style of deadbeats?

  1. Why Do Conservatives Hate Children?  A staple of Conservative philosophy is protecting the un-born.  Why do Conservatives then want to cut or eliminate programs that help children once they are born?

  1. Why Do Conservatives Want to Raise Taxes?  Conservatives always seem to want to cut taxes, yet more and more The Dismal Political Economist hears Conservatives say they want those who are not paying any federal income tax to start paying federal income taxes. 

  1. Why Don’t Conservatives Care About Future Generations?  A frequent reason given by Conservatives in opposition to government debt is that they do not want to burden our children and grand children with our debt.  Why then do they want to burden our children and grand children with cleaning up the pollution that occurs when they refuse to regulate the environment.

  1. Why Don’t Conservatives Believe in States Rights?  For example, Marriage, is a government regulated activity that has always been the province of the states and never an area of the Federal Government.  Conservatives want the Federal Government to regulate marriage, something it has never done.  Why?

  1. Why Don’t Conservatives Believe in a Balanced Budget?  Since 1980 Republicans have held the Presidency for 20 out of the last 30 years.  During their time in control the Federal Deficits have sharply increased.  Why do they believe in spending without raising taxes to pay for it?

  1. Why Do Conservatives Believe Government Should Teach and Sponsor Religion?  The Constitution, which Conservatives say they adore, prohibits government from promoting religion.  Conservatives want the government to teach religion, like Creationism, in the public schools and to sponsor prayers in public schools.  What is it about the Bill of Rights that they dislike?

And finally, the two questions The Dismal Political Economist asks and never gets an answer to,

  1. If Private Insurance can control health care costs, why hasn’t it done so in the non-Medicare, non-Medicaid sector?

  1. If the Ryan Plan to end Medicare is so beneficial, why wait 10 years to implement it, why not do it now?

Conservatives, please turn in your papers as soon as you are done.  Thanks

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