Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pawlenty Campaign Starting to Emulate Gingrich Campaign, CT Scans Show What is Wrong with Health Care . . .

And Other News That Needs Commenting On

Tim Pawlenty strongly attacked Mitt Romney on the health care issue prior to last Monday’s debate, then declined to attack Mitt in person, then attacked him from afar, and now has Twittered an attack on Mitt. (A twitter message, take that Mitt)  As a result of this strange strategy, and his release of an economic plan that is pure fantasy, the questions are starting to be asked about the Pawlenty campaign.  The Gingrich campaign imploded right after Gingrich announced.  If he does not right things soon, Mr. Pawlenty will soon find himself in Gingrich country.  Mr. Pawlenty, that is not where you want to be going.

Several Newspapers are reporting on the story that health care providers are routinely doing double CT scans where one is needed.  Now let’s see if we can figure out why.  We will start with the Fee-For-Service medical system that pervades the U. S. health care structure.  In this system, the more procedures performed, the more fees that are charged, the more health care costs, the more money the provider makes.  Here is a quote from one story.

In 2008, about 75,000 patients received double scans, one using iodine contrast to check blood flow, and one that did not. “If you do both, you bill for both,” Dr. Pentecost said.

So can the problem be with the Fee-For-Service nature of the system?  No way, must be something else.

The Dismal Political Economist does have a solution, see here.  Is anybody listening?  No, no one, nobody.

A lot of candidates skipped the Republican Leadership Conference (It seems like the Republicans have some sort of event like this every weekend, the Democrats none) but there were enough for the regular good times.  Newt Gingrich was his entertaining self, Herman Cain has a dream that the Republicans will take back the House (Please, no one tell him they already have the House, it will just ruin it for him) and Michelle Bachmann was there to kiss the traditional baby.

The WP also reported in the same story that

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the presumed frontrunner, was raising money in Nevada. Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty was doing the same, two blocks away from Romney.

Mr. Pawlenty said he hoped that Mr. Romney did not know he was that close because he (Mr. Pawlenty that is) didn’t want to go all macho on Mr. Romney like he did in the debate.

Further proof that Mitt Romney is running a General Election  campaign comes from his refusal to sign a pledge promising to appoint judges who are anti-abortion and to remove funds from any group or facility that facilitates abortion.  It is just amazing how much he has learned about campaigning in four years.  Here is a description of him from Peggy Noonan

Mitt Romney knows how he looks in every camera shot from every angle: He is a master of the cutaway shot, when the camera isn't on him. He keeps his posture and maintains a kindly smile, as if he's pleased the other candidates are sharing their nice little thoughts.

Take that Jon Huntsman.

Several Days Ago the Financial Times had this headline

Vietnam seeks US support in China dispute

Ok, The Dismal Political Economist sees the irony here, does anyone else?

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