Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad News Mr. Romney, Boston Globe Finds Romney Care Works; The Economist Magazine Accurately Describes European Economic Policy; Republican New York State Senate Member is Thoughtful and Intelligent . . .

And Other News That Cannot Escape Comments

The Boston Globe has a lead story in which it reports that

The former governor’s health plan is a policy piñata among his rivals. But a detailed Globe review finds the overhaul has achieved its main goals without devastating state finances. The remaining worry is future costs.
This cannot be good news for a campaign that wants to say it won’t work for the rest of the United States.  Sorry Mr. Romney, sometimes you just cannot help but do something right.

The Economist Magazine has the best comment ever on the situation with Greece and the attempts of Europe to salvage the Greek economy and the European Union.

THE European Union seems to have adopted a new rule: if a plan is not working, stick to it.

No, The Dismal Political Economist does not have anything in his comment arsenal that will top that.

Mark J. Grisanti is a newly elected New York State Senator who cast one of the deciding votes in that body to allow gay marriage to be legal in New York state. In an in depth story in the Buffalo News Mr. Grisanti explained his position.

"If I take the Catholic out of me, which is hard to do, then absolutely they should have these rights," Grisanti told The News. "It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with my own personal belief."

Well done Mr. Grisanti, well done!

An interview with Republican Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman is mostly favorable, as one would expect in the Wall Street Journal (Huntsman is a successful businessman, got his opportunity by inheriting it, elected twice as a Governor of Utah, solid Conservative credentials, he is a WSJ editorial dream).  Also WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan has good things to say about him

Maybe he's going for moderate conservatives and Republicans who have Romney Reluctance, who just can't get to Mitt-land, or not yet. Maybe he's trying to take the vote of conservatives who think deep down Romney doesn't have a deep down. He's saying, "I'm like Romney but I have deep beliefs and a particular expertise: I won two terms as a governor, not one, and was a major ambassador. I'm cool, and my hair is just as presidential.

There doesn’t seem to be any natural place for Mr. Huntsman in national electoral politics, but it does seem like he could be a great Secretary of State in 2013 for either the Republican President or Mr. Obama if he is re-elected.  And that is a positive development in American politics.

In Iowa, a new poll shows Mr. Romney and Ms. Bachmann leading, somewhat of a surprise since Mr. Romney has pretty much decided not to compete heavily in the state's first in the nation caucuses.  A bigger surprise is Mr. Pawlenty who despite a major effort is not doing well.

Republican pollster Randy Gutermuth pointed out that the Iowa Poll took place before Pawlenty's television ads, direct mail and other paid voter outreach had time to penetrate.

"It's way too early to be writing off Tim Pawlenty," said Gutermuth, who is unaffiliated with any presidential candidate.

The Dismal Political Economist disagrees.  This is an excellent time to be writing off Mr. Pawlenty.  Cannot think of a nicer day to do it.  (Guess it won't happen though).

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