Monday, June 20, 2011

Michelle Bachman Wants to Go Mainstream

So Far, Not Much Success

The Washington Post Reports on the efforts of Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R, Mn) to join the mainstream of the Republican Presidential candidates by muting here exposure to the press.  Given her radical record, the last thing she wants is for publicity about her positions on various issues.  Here is a report from Politico on a speech that Michelle Bachmann made recently.

The leader of the tea party caucus in the House is trying to establish herself as a mainstream candidate worthy of serious attention and scrutiny

Well, based on the speech she still has a ways to go.

First, she endorses what is becoming the newest right wing fantasy conspiracy, that the President is secretly trying to bankrupt Medicare so that Seniors will be forced into the new health care system.

“I believe that President Obama’s plan is that Medicare obviously won’t be able to continue, and so senior citizens won’t have Medicare. They’ll be rolled into Obamacare. That’s the future of senior citizens in this country. And nobody has told this story.”

Sorry Ms. Bachmann, nobody has told this story because the story is not true.  That’s usually the reason why stories don’t get told.

She accused the first African-American president of letting down minorities, citing 16 percent black unemployment and 12 percent Hispanic unemployment

Uh Ms. Bachmann, historically it has been Conservatives (of both parties) who have opposed legislation to help minorities.

She called the need to raise the debt ceiling “a failure of leadership.” She promised that as president she would make the hard choices about budget cuts “so that we never have to raise the debt ceiling again.”

The only way the President, whomever that is, in 2013 and beyond cannot have to raise the debt ceiling is if the budget is balanced.  Not going to happen, even with the Ryan plan.  So this statement is just flat out false.

Finally, we learn that she is

Refusing to answer any questions from national reporters chasing after her,

Good Decision Ms. Bachmann, you had better wait until you get some good answers.

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  1. Thank you - at least someone is telling it like it is. Funny how all the conservative candidates claim that the ' lamestream media', supposedly leftist, is against them when the reality is that not enough analysis and hard looks at their radicalism is ever presented.