Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie About Sarah Palin Movie "The Undefeated" Typifies Sarah Palin - If the Facts Conflict with Fantasy, Print the Fantasy,

Sarah Palin is Undefeated as Long as You Do Not Count Her Defeats

The Fix, the premier political reporting site of the Washington Post reports that Sarah Palin will be headed for Iowa next week for the opening of a movie about her life, titled The Undefeated.

The title is a bit odd, since unless history has been re-written, Ms. Palin was part of the Republican national ticket that was defeated in the 2008 Presidential election.  Of course, the title The Undefeated is accurate if one does not count Ms. Palin's defeat as a defeat.  Maybe "non-win" is a more accurate term for her loss in that election.

The Dismal Political Economist suggests a better title might be The Unquitter which is certainly as accurate as The Undefeated.  See Ms. Palin quit as Governor of Alaska midway through her term, and she recently quit her much publicized, please leave me alone bus tour.  Except as the L. A. Times reports, maybe she maybe didn't quit her bus tour,

So, why the hiatus?
Well, she explains, it turns out that even former governors get called for jury duty back in Alaska. So, she'll do her civic duty. It seems there's a pending jury trial involving a newspaper reporter who allegedly embezzled money from an elderly Republican woman who spoke out in support of Palin.
No, we made that up. Who knows what she might be called for.

So will the bus tour continue?

"The summer is long, and I’m looking forward to hitting the open road again."

And she also said she is looking forward to going back to being Governor of Alaska again.

No, we made that up.  The Dismal Political Economist can be just as sarcastic as the L.A. Times.

Update:  CQ politics reports Ms. Palin also lost a primary for Lt. Gov. in 2002.  Come on Ms. Palin, you are making this all too easy for us.

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