Saturday, June 18, 2011

Newt Gingrich Starts a Trip to Crazy Town in New Orleans

For Newt, Not That Long a Journey

Soon to be former Republican Presidential Nomination candidate Newt Gingrich addressed the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.  Free of a conventional campaign by the resignation of all of his campaign staff, Newt started a trip  to what Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal called “Crazy Town” with respect to one other prominent Republican. 

From the WSJ here is a description of Newt’s appearance.

he addressed the crowd for about 45 minutes Thursday night, ticking off one bold, potentially unworkable policy prescription after another. Some were originals, others borrowed from his Republican rivals for the nomination and others were priorities he shares with others in the field.

And this was from a friendly newspaper

Mr. Gingrich said the Fed should no longer concern itself with unemployment and just focus on bolstering the dollar.

Yes take the Fed away from a real problem and have it focus on a problem that does not currently exist. What about those Republican calls for jobs?

He also reiterated his call for dropping the corporate tax rate to 12.5% from the current 35% rate, a shade lower than the rate former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty proposed in his own blueprint for the economy. Like Mr. Pawlenty, the former House speaker also laid out an economic blueprint earlier this year that would eliminate taxes on capital gains and inheritance

He saw Mr. Pawlenty’s fantasy plan and raised it.

He lashed out at federal judges, vowing to eliminate the entire U.S.  Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the bane of conservatives for decades

Don’t like court decisions, eliminate the court.  Isn’t that something the Soviet’s used to do?

His campaign is even launching function on its website, calling “On the First Day,” soliciting ideas for everyday Americans to pitch their own ideas for new executive orders.

The “man of ideas” has apparently run out of them.

In typical Gingrich fashion, the history professor framed the upcoming election as a pivotal point in world history, telling the crowd, “We could win a cataclysmic election that would end the 80-year rule of the left.”

Wow, that 80 year “rule of the left” included the Presidencies of Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush!  Okay, now we know why Newt is no longer a history teacher.

Newt, call Peggy Noonan. She can tell you how to get to Crazy Town to join its other resident (you know who that is, don’t you)

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