Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Republicans Debate Republicans and

Republicans Win in a Surprise Upset

Monday night saw the first major debate among the Republican candidates for the nomination.  The Dismal Political Economists thinks the following comments are in order.

If you are going to sharply criticize a candidate’s position in an environment where the criticizee is not present and then not criticize that candidate when you are facing him, you are going to look weak and foolish.  Mr. Pawlenty, you looked weak and foolish.

The Media is searching for a Mitt Romney alternative.  They have nominated Michelle Bachmann for now. Note to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, stand by the phone, the GOP may be calling.

Mitt Romney’s Strategy is to look presidential and act as though he is already the nominee.  So far that is working.

Like a rookie running back in NFL pre-season games, Herman Cain has had his moment in the sun.  Time for the sun to set Mr. Cain.

For a good, non-partisan fact check on the debate, see the WP Fact Checker

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