Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Medicare is Bankrupt in 2024 – The Scenario of Horror!

Instilling Terror in Seniors, One Senior at a Time

It is accepted wisdom (except by those knowledgeable on the subject) that Medicare will go bankrupt in 2024.  Here is Rep. Paul Ryan (R, Wi) on the subject

The president’s plan does not save Medicare — it lets it go bankrupt — rations the program and raids the program,” he said.

Not only is the program going bankrupt, it is being deliberately destroyed, as described by the latest right wing conspiracy fantasy in this quote  by Presidential aspirant Michelle Bachmann.

 “I believe that President Obama’s plan is that Medicare obviously won’t be able to continue, and so senior citizens won’t have Medicare. They’ll be rolled into Obamacare. That’s the future of senior citizens in this country. And nobody has told this story.”

What does that look like?  Here is the actual scenario of a bankrupt Medicare.

It is March 3, 2024.  At approximately 4:35 E. S. T. Medicare sent out its last payment check.  The payment for $365.78 was to Dr. Herman Artiles for treating Selma B. Henderson of Tampa, Florida for a bunion.  After this payment Medicare was bankrupt.  It shut its offices, laid off all its employees and ceased doing business.

On the morning of March 4, 2024 the following scene took place at hospitals all across the country.  Every former Medicare recipient was forcibly ejected from the hospital rooms and clinics. Those who could walk were escorted out.  Those who could not walk were placed in wheelchairs and dumped out (the wheelchairs, of course, belonging to the hospitals and not the patients).  Those who were dying were placed in a special section of the parking lot, and allowed to die in dignity.

In doctor offices everywhere when seniors showed up for appointments they were told the doctor could not see them at that time.  When they asked when the doctor could see them, the answer was “never”.  All prescription activity was stopped, and no new prescriptions were being written or filled. The first day over 17,000 elderly patients died.  By the end of the first week the number was over 100,000 and mounting daily.

In an undisclosed location, former President Barack Obama and his advisers raised their champagne glasses and toasted to their success.  “We did it”, Mr. Obama declared, “against all odds, we did the impossible.  We destroyed Medicare so, that uh, so . . . somebody tell me again why we did this.”

Late the morning of March 4, 2024, a somber President of the United States talked to the American people.

“This was avoidable”, he said “if only the Congress had listened to Rep. Paul Ryan and adopted his plan to end Medicare, none of this would have occurred.  I think seniors and the entire country have learned a great lesson.  Now where is that legislation I have to sign where we have negative taxes for high income Americans”

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