Monday, June 13, 2011

Reforming Medical Mal-Practice Will Not Lead to Lower Health Care Cost

Another Conservative Myth Busted by Fact, Data, Logic and Analysis

One of the fundamental tenets of Conservative policy on health care costs is that those costs are out of control in large part due to medical mal-practice lawsuits and the defensive medicine that a tort system produces.

·         "I’m not going to disagree that the malpractice system needs fixing. Likely, too many claims are filed that have no merit. In addition, many more are never brought to trial that absolutely do. I completely support efforts at malpractice reform.

But it’s not the solution to our high health-care spending. Tort reform does not equal cost control."

So, anybody expect Conservatives will abandon that position?  Well no, see Conservatives live in the world of Ludwig von Mises, and as The Dismal Political Economist presented earlier, in that world

Von Mises argued that economic science could not be verified or refuted through the analysis of observable data

which is perfect for their world.

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