Friday, June 24, 2011

The Media is Catching Up to Voters on Jon Huntsman,

This is Not Good, Mr. Huntsman

The Jon Huntsman Presidential campaign has always seemed to be more in the minds of mainstream reporters than in the hearts of Republican voters.  Now some in the media are beginning to understand that maybe, just maybe, a person who does not trash President Obama is not going to be a favorite of Conservative Republicans. 

Dave Weigel in Slate writes

Huntsman 2012 is a joint production of the political media and the fun wing of the GOP's consultant class. (His chief strategist is McCain veteran John Weaver, who made a hobby of criticizing McCain's negative turn in 2008; his adman is Fred Davis, who made sure you knew Christine O'Donnell was not a witch.) There is no Huntsman groundswell. There was no Draft Huntsman movement.

And Dana Milbank in the Washington Post wrote

For Huntsman to maintain his course all the way to the Republican presidential nomination would turn politics on its head. More likely, he will join other decent men — Richard Lugar, Orrin Hatch — whose presidential campaigns were quickly forgotten.

Now the campaign has a long way to go, and Mr. Huntsman's strategy of finishing well in New Hampshire and then winning in Florida may work.  Before going down that road Mr. Huntsman, take a look at Rudy Giuliani who tried to go down that road in 2008. 

Maybe its time to see if they have a costume in your size, and if the prop department has another spear for you to bring on stage Mr. Huntsman.  Mr. Shakespeare is looking to cast you in a small role.

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