Friday, June 17, 2011

Mike Huckabee Thinks Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Have Condemned Discrimination Against White Southern Governors

Former Arkansas Governor, one time Republican Presidential Aspirant, current Fox News Commentator (that explains much) thinks Dr. King would have been outraged at the discrimination against people with a southern accent.

Governor  Huckabee

invoked Martin Luther King Jr. to suggest that Haley Barbour had faced something akin to discrimination because political analysts believed the Mississippi governor would have difficult running for president with his thick Delta accent.”

The article in Politico goes on to quote Mr. Huckabee and say

"There were people who said, 'Nobody is going to elect some white guy from Mississippi with a real, slow molasses-type Southern accent for president of the United States," Huckabee said in a speech before a heavily Southern crowd at the Republican Leadership Conference here.

He added: "I was highly offended by that."

At this, the crowd laughed, thinking Huck was...being Huck, and setting up some joke line.

But then he continued.

"I thought our nation had learned something, I thought that maybe we had taken seriously the message of Dr. King who said that we should not be judged by the color of our skin but by the contents of our character," Huck said to applause.

He added that there ought to be a modern corollary to King's credo - people "should not be judged by the accent of our speech.

No Governor Huckabee, no one was going to elect to the Presidency a Governor of Mississippi who has repeatedly distorted the history of segregation and praised the White Citizens Councils .  Oh, and that fellow Jimmy Carter had a pretty strong accent, didn't he win in 1976?  Sorry Mr. Hucakabee that history and logic interfered with your speech, we'll try not to let it happen again.

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