Saturday, December 28, 2013

Whiney Republicans: We Win Elections When We Nominate True Conservative Candidates

It’s Official – In Virginia All Three Statewide Hard Line Conservatives Lost

The 2013 elections in Virginia featured a cast of Republicans that would make Attila the Hun blush.  Running for Governor was a staunch so called conservative who would use the state governmental powers to control women’s private lives. Running for Lt. Gov. was a person so radical that even hard line conservatives opposed his candidacy.  And running for Attorney General was the typical conservative in a moderate state, a conservative who tries to hide his radical views.

The results are finally in, the AG race being so close that a recount was necessary.  All three Republicans lost in a state that almost always, until now, votes the opposite of the party in the White House.  Now many Republicans will say they were just outspent, but the truth is (1) many money supporters of the Party were appalled by the candidates and refused to contribute very much and (2) the Republican ticket had plenty of money.

In fact the problem for the Republicans was not that they were not well known enough, it is that they were too well known.  When engaged voters know the true positions of radical conservatives, radical conservatives lose. 

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