Monday, December 9, 2013

Gun Lobby Has Another Victory – 72 Year Old Alzheimer Sufferer Gunned Down

They Must Be High Fiving at the NRA

The argument for unlimited guns with no regulations is that people must be allowed to defend themselves.  Such was the case in Georgia where a gentleman with a Glock fired four shots at a 72 year old man suffering from dementia and gunned him down.

No one is sure how, in the frigid hours before dawn last Wednesday in this small north Georgia community near the Tennessee border, Mr. Westbrook ended up nearly three miles from home with a handful of other people’s mail, jiggling Joe Hendrix’s doorknob.

Mr. Hendrix, 34, stepped onto his porch with a Glock pistol in his hand and his fiancée inside on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. He fired four shots. One hit Mr. Westbrook in the chest.

And what is it that so frightened Mr. Hendrix that the had to shoot an unarmed elderly confused gentleman?

At least twice, Mr. Westbrook climbed onto the small porch, tried to open the door and rang the doorbell, Sheriff Wilson said. Dogs were barking. The police were called.

Yeah, that is surely enough cause to kill a man. And that will teach the elderly everywhere that they hv no right to suffer dementia and go wondering off threatening law abiding citizens by doing nothing threatening.   As for the gun lobby, surely they are ecstatic, it's what they believe should happen all the time.  Nobody should be able to go up on a stranger's porch and ring the doorbell without taking four shots from a Glock.

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