Thursday, December 5, 2013

Conservatives in Texas Question Adoption of Mathematics Book That Asserts 2 + 2 Equals 4

“That’s Liberal Nonsense” One Member of the Approval Board Said, "and Results in High School Students Engaging in Coed Calculus"

The state of Texas, or at least the politicians from the far right are determined to take the state 65 MPH down the road of ignorance.  And while the objections to teaching actual science are well documented,

Texas Education Board Flags Biology Textbook Over Evolution Concerns


The Texas Board of Education on Friday delayed final approval of a widely used biology textbook because of concerns raised by one reviewer that it presents evolution as fact rather than theory.

The monthslong textbook review process in Texas has been controversial because a number of people selected this year to evaluate publishers’ submissions do not accept evolution or climate change as scientific truth.

a fight against basic math is also taking place. 

In news that didn’t happen, recently the same folks who object to teaching science are using those same objections to prevent the adoption of math texts for elementary schools that include such things as the multiplication tables. 

“Show me a multiplication table in the Bible” proclaimed one of the members of the approval board appointed by Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry “and then I will vote to allow that book in our schools.  Multiplication tables are just another tool of the devil, who wants to direct our children away from the true religion and into the religion of arithmetic.  And everyone knows, once students are indoctrinated by arithmetic the next step is algebra.  And algebra leads to calculus.  No decent parents want their children engaging in calculus.”

The same group has also moved to ban both the metric system and the English system of measurements from the state. 

“Cubits were good enough for Noah and you don’t need no educatin beyond the 3rd grade to unnnerstan that” a young woman was quoted as saying.

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