Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just In – President Obama Shakes Hands With Cuban Leader Raul Castro and World Does Not End

Conservatives Aghast At Failure of Universe to Collapse

Whatever else can be said about the U. S. policy towards Cuba, there is one thing that everyone can agree upon.  It hasn’t worked.  The goal of U. S. policy towards this small, rather internationally insignificant island nation was to get rid of Fidel Castro and his brother.  This policy has been in place for about 50 years.  The result, the Castro’s still control the government of Cuba.

Obviously a different policy was needed decades ago, but politics prevented that form happening.  Any change in policy would have brought forth the “soft on communism” charge from politicians of both parties and both ideologies.  So nothing has changed in 50 years and the misery of the Cuban people has endured, along with the failed U. S. policy.

Of course people like John McCain, who is probably a member of a small minority that supports military action against Cuba (McCain supports military action against everyone) still support the old, failed policy.  So when Mr. Obama had the temerity to shake hands with current Cuban leader Raul Castro, this was the result.

McCain On Obama-Castro Handshake: 'Chamberlain Shook Hands With Hitler' 

Classy act John, real classy. 

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