Monday, August 12, 2013

What Does Embattled Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell Do in Response to Charges of Ethics Violations?

He Takes a Victory Lap Around the State Touting Himself

The crazy politics of Virginia just keeps on going south.  The current Governor, who thankfully will be leaving office in the late fall turns out to have sold himself and his family to a wealthy businessman.  But in his defense he may not have done anything criminal, Virginia’s ethics laws allow just about anything short of murder for a public official (and maybe not so hard on murder).  “I didn’t commit any crimes” the watchwords of Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell.

So in order to celebrate the fact that he has not been indicted, at least so far, the Governor is going to take a victory lap around the state.

Embattled governor plans Va. victory lap

Aug. 7, 2013 7:21 AM   |  

RICHMOND — Gov. Bob McDonnell is launching a statewide tour this week to tout his administration’s track record.
First stop will be Friday in Salem, followed by visits in Roanoke and Bristol. McDonnell’s calling the barnstorming “This Commonwealth of Opportunity.”
In a statement issued Tuesday, McDonnell cited a declining unemployment rate, increased agricultural exports and the bipartisan transportation package, among other achievements, as hallmarks of his administration. The Republican governor is in the final six months of his term.
But it is only fair to point out that Gov. McDonnell is a very religious man, in which case taking a few hundred thou on the side is maybe just doing what God intended for him to do.  God unfortunately is not available for comment.  And Mr. McDonnell is well advised to take his victory lap now, because unlike Virginia the federal government has some rather strict laws against what the Virginia Governor may have done, and if the FBI thinks they have a case Mr. McDonnell may find it much more difficult to take his victory lap as a person charged with multiple felonies.

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