Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Only Statement That Needs to be Said About the Corruption of the Standards and Ideals of the American University System

In What Universe Other than the Privileged Halls of Academia Would This be Allowed?

The President of Ohio State University had to quit that prestigious post because it turned out the gentleman (?) was a jerk, a bigot and a fool.  Here is what is happening to him.

E. Gordon Gee, who stepped down as president of Ohio State University July 1 after comments in which he made fun of Catholics and other groups, will earn $5.8 million over the next five years as a faculty member and president emeritus, the school said Tuesday.

According to the contract, Mr. Gee will remain a tenured professor at the OSU law school, where he will earn a base salary of $410,000. In addition, the school will provide Mr. Gee with an annual grant of $300,000 "in connection with his research on 21st century education policy." He will also receive a one-time payment of $1.5 million to buy out his earlier contract and $800,000 in retirement.

Just another step down the road American colleges and universities are traveling towards comparative mediocrity.  Their destination on this road, absolute mediocrity.

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