Thursday, August 8, 2013

In England the Drive to Put a Likeness of Jane Austen on Banknotes Draws Threats of Death and Assault

No, America is Not the Only Country of Vicious, Stupid Reactionary People

The fact that someone, anyone cares about whose likeness in portrayed on currency comes as a surprise.  And the fact that a movement to put a likeness of English Author Jane Austen on the Bank of England banknotes has drawn ugly threats of violence is completely inexplicable.  But that is what has happened in Britain.

Caroline Criado-Perez, a blogger and co-founder of the Web site The Women’s Room, began her campaign months ago when she realized that soon there might be no women — except Queen Elizabeth II, of course — left on British bank notes. The issue seemed urgent: in April, the Bank of England had announced that the only woman currently featured among five historical figures, the social reformer Elizabeth Fry, would be replaced by Winston Churchill, indisputably male.

Ok, that seems harmless enough.  So what is the reaction by a few malcontents?

But that same day on Twitter a trickle of abuse grew into a shower of crude rape and death threats against Ms. Criado-Perez at a rate of nearly one per minute. Several other women, from members of the public to members of Parliament, have also been the targets of Twitter attacks. Three female journalists received bomb threats.

“I’m going to pistol whip you over and over until you lose consciousness,” one Twitter user warned Ms. Criado-Perez, threatening to “then burn ur flesh.”

“I will rape you tomorrow at 9pm,” a Twitter user told Stella Creasy, a Labour Party legislator. “Shall we meet near your house?”

Yep, in Britain there are a folks with a mean streak, no pride and a lot of prejudice.  But at least the professional haters in this nation will be comforted to know that they have a few friends in another English speaking country.

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  1. I like that in the UK, even the most vile, sadistic people are courteous enough to request an RSVP.