Sunday, August 4, 2013

Veteran Political Writer Stuart Rothenberg Says It Best When It Comes to Anthony Weiner

When This Forum Cannot Write as Well as Mr. Rothenberg Does Here, It Will Just Quote Him

It is hard to measure the disgust concerning Democratic Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, a man who had to resign from the House because his behavior was so putrid (and engaging in behavior that is putrid by the standards of the House of Representatives is about as high a hurdle as one can have in putrid behavior by politicians).  But commentator Stuart Rothenberg, in a piece lamenting the awful behavior this summer of politicians and others in the public eye who happen to be Jewish (and hence an embarrassment to the Jewish people of which this author is one) sums it up as well as anyone could.

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Anthony Weiner, contemplating where to slither to next

. . . what is there to say about Anthony Weiner? Are there any words to describe this guy? I’ve heard him described as “sick” and “narcissistic.” I’d add delusional and arrogant, though most of the words I associate with him are unprintable. He, too, is an embarrassment for the Jewish community.

It’s as if Weiner is an addict who can’t live a modest private life of humility. He needs attention. He needs people to vote for him. He needs power. Actually, he needs a punch in the nose.

“I won’t let political pundits influence my decisions,” Weiner said about calls for him to exit the race, apparently not understanding that his inner voice ought to be telling him to slither out of the public square.

Yep and if any politician is capable of slithering, it is surely Mr. Weiner.

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