Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Conservative Group to Start Foundation and PAC to Increase Hunger and Malnutrition Among Low Income Children

News That Didn’t Happen – But Could

A conservative organization today announced that they would be forming a foundation, The Hunger Alliance (a 501c)(3) corporation, all donations tax deductible) and a Political Action Committee Keep Children Hungry (a 501(c)(4) corporation, identity of all contributors kept secret).  The goal of both the foundation and the PAC is to restrict and ultimately eliminate all programs designed to alleviate hunger and nutrition issues of children living in low income families.

“It’s time we stop trying to fool people about what the conservative mission with respect to programs that provide food and nutrition assistance for hungry children is all about” said a spokesperson for the group, the Organization of Inherited Wealth.  “Too many conservatives try to hide our true intentions by talking about these programs spending too much money.  That’s ridiculous.  In a $15 trillion economy of course we have the resources to feed every hungry child in America.  We just choose not too.”

The group did say that they were concerned about fraud in programs combating child hunger and noted that in 2011, the latest year for which statistics were available a study found that over 100 children participated in school lunch program who were not enrolled in the school that sponsored those program.  “100 out of 15 to 20 million or more is just too much fraud and waste” the group argued, and if we condone fraud we are just sending the wrong message, a message that we put feeding hungry children ahead of stopping crime.”

When asked why children in particular were singled out a former head of the Organization of Inherited Wealth  who was ejected from the group after it was learned he had actually earned some of his money said that if children are adequately fed then the next thing they will demand is better education and more health care.  “It would be just a never ending spiral” he commented.

While the opponents to providing nutritional benefits to children did say they based their stand on principles and not money, they did note that abolishing the food stamp or SNAP program would provide not only enough money to eliminate the Estate Tax, but also provide a major tax reduction for the wealthy and relieve them of the onerous burden of paying ordinary income tax rates on earnings they felt should be taxed as capital gains.  Just a side benefit they commented, but an important one for all Americans.

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