Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Positive Development in the Ugly, Awful, Tragic Penn State Scandal – University Officials to Stand Trial for Perjury

Even If There is No Conviction There is Some Justice for the Penn State Victims

[Editor's note:  Yes, this is old news, but the attitude and response of Penn State officials has been so disgusting that it has taken a long time for the DPE to develop the strong stomach necessary to return to the Penn State horrors.] 

It is certain that at Penn State University the college and its official were grossly negligent in preventing Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky from molesting a large number of children on the Penn State Campus.  It will never be certain how much they knew and how little they did to prevent the abuse, but it will always be certain that they chose to not confront the issue and placed football and the University’s image above the welfare of children.

A judge has ruled recently that two senior officials of Penn State will have to go on trial for the coverup of the scandal.

HARRISBURG, PennsylvaniaPenn State's former president and two other top administrators on Tuesday were ordered to stand trial on charges they covered up the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Harrisburg District Judge William Wenner, after a two-day preliminary hearing, ordered a criminal trial to be held for the university's former president, Graham Spanier, 65, its former athletic director, Tim Curley, 59, and its former senior vice president Gary Schultz, 63.

Now this Forum is unclear if these accused are guilty of a crime.  That is for the trial to consider.  There is a very credible witness against them. but that may not be enough to convince a jury to convict.  But there is certainly enough evidence to justify a trial and for the criminal justice system to consider whether or not these men are criminals.  

And one conclusion can be drawn, that regardless of whether or not any criminal activity was committed these men supervised an athletic program that allowed a sexual predator to prey on children.  And regardless of any legal verdict that will be society’s verdict against them.  And no, there is no appeal from that conclusion.

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