Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Demise of CNN is Now In Its Final Stages

Reach Acceptance Everyone, Reach Acceptance

CNN was great in its day.  But the network that started the cable news industry is dying, and is now trying experimental drugs that have failed in the past.  For example.

Gingrich Will Be Back in the ‘Crossfire’ on CNN

Darren S. Higgins for The New York Times
Newt Gingrich, a host of the new “Crossfire,” at the offices of Gingrich Productions in Arlington, Va., and living proof the undead walk among us.
 . . . .And what of the 2012 contender with a slashing debate style, who prolonged his primary run seemingly to remain in the media spotlight? Newt Gingrich has also earned his just deserts: he has been named a host of CNN’s revived “Crossfire,” the granddaddy of political debate shows. The appointment will ensure that he remains the most prominent Republican from the presidential class of 2012 to retain influence in the national conversation.

Mr. Gingrich gleefully bashed “the media elite” as a candidate, but now he is unquestionably a member. “Yes,” he agreed. “And I hope to move it to the right.”

Notice the statement here about moving journalism to the right.  No pretense of objectivity, no desire to allow the truth to be determined in a free and open and equal debate, just a desire to distribute propaganda.  But everyone already knew that was the right wing agenda anyway.

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