Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rand Paul Gets Interviewed by Businessweek and Convinces Everyone He is Not Qualified to Run for the Presidency

But That’s Not Exactly News

A recent issue of Businessweek has a group of interviews, including one with Bill Gates where he talks about his philanthropy and one with Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul where he talks, unintentionally, about how he is not qualified to be President.   Mr. Paul starts out with a flat out lie, about whether or not he has decided to run for the Republican nomination in 2016.  Everyone knows he has, but Mr. Paul says.

Rand Paul - No, not As dumb as he looks;
At this point we’re thinking about ways to grow the Republican Party and won’t make any decision about whether that involves me running or not for about a year. 

Then he shows some ignorance about basic math and the Federal budget.

My budget is similar to the Penny Plan, which cuts 1 percent a year for five or six years and balances the budget.

Uh no Rand, cutting 1% a year on spending will not balance the budget.  Oh, and what about taxes, oh, you want to add $600 billion to the deficit.

My plan has a 17 percent flat tax with very few deductions, and it would leave $600 billion in the economy. 

And Mr. Paul doesn’t like a trillion dollar deficit

But what I would say is extreme is a trillion-dollar deficit every year. 

apparently oblivious to the fact that the deficit has fallen way below $1 trillion and will remain well below that number. 

Mr. Paul wants more minorities in the Republican party, not understanding that employing an outright racist on his staff is probably not the way to do that.  And he wants to eliminate the Federal Reserve, return the United States to the 19th century in economic policy and essentially destroy the modern advanced economy that the U. S. currently enjoys.

Who would your ideal Fed chairman be?
Hayek would be good, but he’s deceased.
Nondead Fed chairman.

Friedman would probably be pretty good, too, and he’s not an Austrian, but he would be better than what we have.
Dead, too.

Yeah. Let’s just go with dead, because then you probably really wouldn’t have much of a functioning Federal Reserve.

So two cheers for Mr. Paul, doing the work for us, showing all by himself why he is not even qualified to be a city councilman much less President or Senator.

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