Friday, August 16, 2013

Good News on the Anthony Weiner Campaign for New York City Mayor

Well Good News for All of Us – Not So Good News for Mr. Weiner

The embarrassment to politics (and politics has a really really high level of embarrassment) that is New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is apparently learning that no, the public tolerance for inappropriate behavior by elected or would be elected officials is not infinite.

Mr. Weiner’s collapse, in the wake of his admission that he had continued to send sexually explicit images to women online for more than a year after he resigned from Congress over such behavior, appears to be significant: when asked to pick a candidate they would “definitely not vote for under any circumstances,” 51 percent named Mr. Weiner — up from 28 percent just three weeks ago. Ms. Quinn was named by 24 percent, andJohn C. Liu, the comptroller, was by 18 percent.

Will the trend hold?  Maybe, after all Mr. Weiner is at 10% in the polls and no one can actually believe that 10% of New Yorkers would vote for him.  We think the more natural level of support for Mr. Weiner is about minus 3%, but that may be too generous.

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