Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Parents Television Council Comes Out in Favor of More Teen Pregnancy, More Abortions and More Spreading of the AIDS Virus

Fear and Loathing at the MTV Broadcast of the VMA

MTV recently aired a show that presented awards for music videos, and the apparent highlight was a performance by Miley Cyrus.  This has drawn a lot of attention and some criticism. While watching Ms. Cyrus most people were probably a little bored and can no longer look at the “We’re Number One” finger at football games with the same detachment any more, so it was hard to see what the fuss was all about. But one group has been highly, highly irritated.

The Parents Television Council, a nonprofit group known for criticizing shows, including “Family Guy,” for explicit content and adult jokes, took the network to task for airing condom ads and staging performances with skimpy costumes and sexually suggestive dancing during the Video Music Awards on Sunday.

The focus here is on their objection to condom ads.  As near as we can tell, without any expert knowledge in the field, it seems that the main thing that condoms do is prevent unwanted pregnancies, prevent abortion and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  One would think that any group that was concerned with the welfare of the population would be shouting “use condoms” from the top of their collective voices.

So the conclusion, based on this behavior is that the Parents Television Council must want to spread AIDS, must want more unwed teenage pregnancies and must want more rather than less abortions to take place.  That is certainly their right to espouse such views, just as it is our right to castigate, or better yet ignore them for those views.

Finally, there is this.

Some viewers have said that Miley Cyrus’s performance, which included miming coitus with Robin Thicke and rump-shaking among dancing bears, was in particularly poor taste.

But there seems a simple, cost free solution here.  If you find yourself watching something that is in particularly poor taste, and really that’s to be expected when watching MTV’s award show, do this.


Yes, thanks to modern technology, every TV set sold in America comes with a free, ready to use on/off switch.  Really, it’s that easy.

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  1. Who would watch anything on MTV, especially the VMAs, and expect wholesome entertainment? The kind of idiots who form groups like the Parents Television Council, apparently.